In response to the increasing demand for online education, Metro Schools began offering support for home-based online learning in 2020. Initially designed as a complement to the traditional in-person classes, our program evolved to meet the growing needs of students. Recognizing the significance of this shift, Metro Schools received approval from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) to operate a complete online school. This approval allowed us to provide a comprehensive online learning experience, ensuring that we can better cater to the diverse needs of our students, adapting to the changing educational landscape.

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Our online school provides flexible course options as an alternative to the traditional in-person K-12 classroom environment. High School students have the opportunity to participate in all activities that happen in our in-person learning from sports to apprenticeship programs, and college visits. Our online school prepares students for life after high school by connecting learning in the classroom with real-world applications in the workplace.

Our teachers are highly qualified educators who provide individualized student support aimed at creating passionate, engaged K-12 students who are ready to take on real-world experiences.
Students will receive personalized coaching to support self-paced learning, social-emotional learning (SEL) support from social workers and counselors, and technology support for district-issued devices.

Metro 2 Online welcomes students from all over Minnesota. Our virtual learning collaborates with our in-person schools to guarantee a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for all of our students. Depending on the individual needs and services of our students, and the preferences of the student and their families, a fully online, partially online, or all in-person schedule will be created to set the student up for success. Flexibility between learning modes is also possible during semester breaks when needed and best for the student.
We deem that our Metro 2 Online students are proud to be Lions online, and will do everything we can to connect with and support your student!

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Administrator 952-500-0500

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Administrator 612-568-7727

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Coordinator Grades K-5 507-269-3777

Warda Issa

Coordinator Grades 6-8 507-319-7181

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Coordinator Grades 9-12 612-722-2555