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The authorizing vision of Osprey Wilds is to authorize a portfolio of high performing charter schools that instill a connection and commitment to the environment in their school communities, while working towards a healthy planet where all people live in balance with the Earth.
Osprey Wilds supports Metro Schools in terms of understanding the school’s academic goals and how the school establishes a sustainable system. The authorizer has provided valuable teaching experience for teachers and helps Metro Schools’ students to learn more about the environment and its protection. The authorizer liaison comes to Board meetings, provides advice, and monitors operations. Osprey Wilds is very involved and supportive as the authorizer.

Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center

Erin Anderson, Director of Charter School Authorizing
1730 New Brighton Blvd
Suite 104, PMB 196
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 331-4181