Riding the school bus to and from Metro Schools is a privilege extended to the students of Compass Academy. In order to enjoy this privilege, students are expected to exhibit exemplary behavior and demonstrate respect towards the bus driver and supervising staff both while onboard and while waiting for the bus.

Parents or guardians seeking alterations in their child's bus riding status are requested to formally submit such requests in writing to the administrative office of New Century School. If, for any reason, a parent wishes to prevent their child from taking the bus on a specific day, they must either provide a written note instructing the staff to withhold bus transportation for that day, or call the school office by 1:15 p.m. to communicate the change in plans. However, after 1:15 p.m., we cannot guarantee that the message will be promptly relayed to the relevant personnel to accommodate the change.

In the interest of maintaining the safety of every child, the school staff is mandated to adhere to pre-arranged transportation plans unless they receive written notification or a phone call indicating otherwise. It's important to note that due to the staff's focus on student supervision during school hours, email communication is not considered a reliable method for conveying transportation plan changes. For any alterations in riding status that stem from family relocation, written notification must be submitted to the office a week prior to the intended change.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of our busing system and detailed expectations concerning bus transportation, we encourage families to download the Family Handbook. We urge ALL FAMILIES to familiarize themselves and their students with the outlined expectations to ensure full compliance with our bus policies. Your cooperation ensures a safe and smooth bus journey for every student.

Metro Schools Transportation Policy